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I just wanted to say its has been an honor. Knowing you as a friend, a sister, and as my girlfriend. We’ve been through a lot together within the year that we’ve known each other.  I look forward to going through any challenge, any struggle, any and every bit of happiness that life brings us. Let God continue to bless you and guide you through your years. I miss you so much. I wish I could be there for your birthday. So we can spend our birthday together on the weekend. I hope whatever you wish for comes true (yes you can wish for things like a unicorn) You’re an amazing person inside and out, not just to me but to everyone. You treat everyone with respect.

I Hope you have an blessed and fruitful birthday filled with love, today and the rest of your years.

Cant wait to come home and spend every moment with you, whether it be food, places or even just laughing and being awkward together.

<3 APO


PS. I dont really wanna go all detailed because its tumblr. lol

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